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Looking for the right material lift, air hoist or theatre lift to get the job done? Want unmatched quality, service and durability? Alp Lift has material lifting equipment for every job, at every height or weight. Review our products to improve the comfort and safety of your next job.

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Material lift

Material lifts

Alp Lift has been producing high-quality material lifts for more than 30 years. Our material lifting equipment will make your assembling and fitting work at height much safer and more efficient.  Alp Lift has a wide variety of products to suit any lifting weight or height.

Material lifts

Air Hoist

Air Hoists

Air hoists are most effective for lifting smaller loads. An Alp Lift air hoist brings your load to the desired height, soundlessly and without steps. Your installation work will be more efficient, safe and comfortable.


Air hoists

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Theatre lifts

For the special needs of the lighting and sound industry, Alp Lift offers a special series of theatre lifts: the Event series. Compact measurements make our theatre equipment efficient to transport. Use them in theatres and at festivals or event centres for ultimate convenience and safety.

Theatre lifts