New material lift available at Alp Lift- S400

A new material lift is available at Alp Lift. On the basis of user requirements, we developed material lift S400. This material lift has a lifting height of 4 meters and a lifting capacity of 150 kg.

Montagelift S400 is the latest material lift from Alp Lift in the Small series. The S400 has a compact retracted height of 1.60 m, making it easy to transport, and a low weight of less than 70 kg. A material lift can be used for lifting materials or a heavy load, for instance with installation work.

More information about the S400 can be found here.

Alp Lift at Royal Opera House

Royal Opera House chooses Alp Lift

Royal Opera House chooses Alp Lift

Alp Lift can count many famous museums and theaters to its clientele. Recently a beautiful name has been added; the Royal Opera House in London. Last week, the Alp Lift bus left the canal tunnel to the heart of London for the delivery of a vertical lift at Royal Opera House at Covent Garden. A tour by our host in this beautiful opera house – which is currently being renovated generously – was the icing on the cake of this fun day.

Montagelift XL400

Alp Lift introduces the most powerful material lift ever

Material lift XL400 is one of a kind. This material lift combines compact dimensions for transport with a huge reach and an exceptional lifting capacity of 650 kg. An indispensable powerhouse when you work with heavy metal constructions or heavy installations at height.  The XL400 material lift is the most powerful lift ever.

Click here for more information about the material lift XL400.