Raise your loads with ease

Looking for the right material lift to get the job done? Do you want to do your work at height in a safe and efficient way? The lifting devices of Alp Lift offer a solution for various applications, from stand construction to steel construction and from installation to assembly work.

The material lifts of Alp Lift are being designed and produced in-house. We are proud of our solid Dutch product that we sell worldwide.

Alp Lift has a wide variety of products to suit any lifting weight or height. Our material lifts are available in four series: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. Lifting capacity varies from 150 kg up to 650 kg.

Which lifting capacity do you need?

Montagelift Hefcapaciteit 150Kg
Montagelift Hefcapaciteit 250Kg
Montagelift Hefcapaciteit 350Kg
montagelift 650 kg icoon